Find Your Niche–Car and Truck Shows

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It’s true, anyone can print a great looking t-shirt using a heat press. But one question I always like to ask people at trade shows is “who are your customers?” Whether you are new to the t-shirt printing business or have been around for years, you should know that the most important part of any business is customers. Some of our most successful customers have found that it’s easier to be a “big fish” in a “small pond.” This means that they focus on being the best they can be in niche markets. There are literally hundreds of niche markets out there…the best part about servicing niche markets is that you can focus on something you enjoy. For example, if you are a classic car enthusiast, you can target car and truck shows. We have customers that service the lucrative dance or cheerleading markets, some that focus on swim meets. There are also folks who enjoy pet shows, horse shows, robotics conventions, you name it. There’s a niche for every interest and the best part is…they all want/need custom t-shirts. A recent email from the Wildside reminded me that stock transfers are a fun and super-easy way to create fantastic looking shirts for any niche. If you are interested in creating shirts for a car or truck event, make sure you take a look at the hundreds of professionally designed automotive themed stock transfers. As always, we enjoy hearing from you as to what niche markets have worked for your business.

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  1. Steve L. Hulbert says:

    How would you go about doing car shows? Anything here would help. What about the guys that are doing those shows now?

    Thank you,

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