Happy Halloween, Happy Heat Printing

A humorous best selling stock transfer this Halloween from Wildside Transfers, number 19535.

Halloween is oozing with creativity and it’s one day of the year that people are free to express themselves with humor and horror. Plus, it’s fun. And according to the Halloween Industry Association, more than 179 million people in the U.S. took part in Halloween festivities in 2017. This year, according to a survey of 1,000 Americans by LenEDU, the average citizen will spend $185.50 this year on costumes, candy and decorations. That seems high to me, but I can remember the days of penny candy. I’m sure their figures are right on. Especially if you’re hosting a party or have more than one family member. Enough about statistics, it’s also a day where it can be handy to have a heat press. After speaking with Sean at Wildside Transfers, I found out that one of his best sellers this Halloween were the dabbing skeleton and “Don’t Make Me Flip My Witch Switch.” Sean mentions that humorous and political designs–for both liberals and conservatives–are extremely popular this time of year. And typically, the day after Halloween is when we start to see the first of our holiday orders. If you want to see what Sean predicts will be the best sellers this winter, check back later this week. In the meanwhile, enjoy these photos from our teams at Transfer Express in Ohio and Stahls’ in Michigan. We always encourage team members to dress up and you will see some pretty creative costumes. At Transfer Express they invited family members to come through and Trick or Treat and according to Jason Ziga there were over 300 children who participated. So I’m thinking maybe we did spend at least $185 this year on Halloween…

The team at Transfer Express hosted over 300 trick or treaters. Looking good gang.

Take that! WOW! KaPOW! Biff! Zlonk! Remember the Batman fight words from the 60’s tv show?

Jason as Mr. Rogers and Matt as his speedy delivery side-kick, Mr. McFeely.

Didn’t you see that ref? A funny group effort at Stahls’.

Mr. Rogers was also a popular costume at Stahls’ in Michigan.

Heat Press Super Heros. Why not? Your heat press should be the hero of your business.

The Spice Girls at Stahls’

The book fairy is a new Halloween creature, but one we can get behind.

Some of the youngest guests at Stahls’ included three of our grandchildren.

We hope you all enjoy a safe and happy Halloween. We would enjoy seeing your best costumes, especially if they were created with a heat press and transfers, reflective, metallic, glitter, you name it.

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