Trends in Heat Transfers

The Wildside Transfer booth at the recent Long Beach ISS show drew a lot of attention with its large selection of on-trend stock transfers. It’s all about the artwork!

Let’s talk about 2018 apparel decoration trends and stock transfers. Stock transfers are the easiest way to get started selling printed t-shirts. Just choose the designs and get your heat press started up. In just minutes, you have professionally designed, ready to sell shirts that you can produce on demand.  Wildside Transfers is one of the country’s largest manufacturer of stock transfers and they are always on trend. And even though I wasn’t personally able to attend the Long Beach ISS Show this year, one thing that every show report I’ve received mentions is all the action at the Wildside Transfers booth. It was always crowded and we also had to run out and print more order forms during the show on Saturday. Why all the interest in stock transfers? We believe it’s all about the artwork. And Wildside has the art that people are looking for. They were also showing great examples of how you can use stock transfers to create custom designs. Here are some of the top trends:

  1. Flower Power: Flowers never really go out of style but you will have to admit that you are seeing more embroidered flowers on jeans, jean jackets, sweatshirts and even button down shirts. It’s a classic look that has become totally modern. Now there is an easy, permanent way to add floral embroidery to just about anything with your heat press. Wildside has an assortment of embroidered floral transfers that are easily heat applied. This was one of the top sellers at the ISS Long Beach.

    It’s easier than you think to add embroidery to a jean jacket. All you need is a heat press and stock floral transfers from the Wildside.

    Floral embroidery makes a statement, like this arm-length application on a jacket.

    Here are more examples of floral embroidery transfers from Wildside Transfers.

    2. Retro Summer Vacations–This trend will remind you of an old postcard from the 70’s or 80’s. We’re seeing a lot of designs that feature tropical elements, palm trees, beach and desert elements. Some call it tourist wear or resort wear. We call it fabulous and Wildside has a fantastic selection of resort inspired stock transfers that are ready to boost your sales. Make sure you visit their website and select Resort for a complete overview of their vacation-inspired designs.

    Yes, you can apply transfers on the front of zippered hoodies. No cutting necessary but you may want to use a silicone pad inside the hoodie to even out the pressure. Just press and zip open!

    Wildside had several shirts featuring applied transfers so you could see how soft they are to the touch.

    Get creative when applying stock transfers. This application shows all around printing on the hem of the shirt, accomplished by cutting up the original transfer.

    3. Nature Inspired Metallics and Prints–Animals are always popular t-shirt motifs and this year animal designs have been kicked up a notch, with patterns and metallics. These elephants from Wildside Transfers make a bold statement. And don’t forget you can get creative with stock transfers, using design placements that aren’t possible with screen printing.

    Another great thing about transfers…they can be applied over seams. This is an example of the same transfer, trimmed and positioned next to each other, creating an over-the arm-seam print.

    Yes you can print transfers on polyester shirts! This sequin transfer was another top seller.

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