Halloween T-Shirt Ideas

Don’t forget, Stahls’ Transfer Express now offers Glow in the Dark ink options for custom transfers.

Stahls’, Transfer Express and Wildside Transfers have 100’s of heat printing ideas for Halloween. If you have a heat press, you are ready to turn your shop into Halloween headquarters. Remember, for some people, a Halloween t-shirt is as dressed up as they want to get. There are so many CAD-CUT heat transfer materials, such as Glow or GlitterFlake, that really lend themselves to Halloween. There are Glow in the Dark transfers, there are rhinestone transfers and other full color stock transfers available. Let’s go over some of the ideas available from your favorite suppliers.

  1. Stahls’: You can create Halloween designs using CAD-CUT Glow heat transfer material. This video shows you how to create a skeleton sweatshirt that makes a great costume for an older teen or young adult. Also great for Mom and Dad to wear while taking younger kids Trick or Treating. Stahls’ also has new Halloween clipart that makes it easy to design your own Halloween designs using our online designer. If you haven’t tried our CAD-CUT Templates designer yet, this blog post tells you exactly how it works.
  2. Stahls’ Transfer Express: You can design your own Glow in the Dark custom transfers from Transfer Express. This ink option will make your Halloween designs look extra spooky. Also a great idea for custom trick or treat bags.
  3. Wildside Transfers has so many full color stock transfers for Halloween from “witch” to choose. You won’t know “witch” is the best one until you take a look. Even better, they are offering a dozen FREE Halloween stock transfers with every order placed in October (see Wildside’s website, restrictions may apply). What have you created so far for Halloween? We would really like to see your creativity.

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