Great Race 2023 June 25 & 26

Photo of Ted and Mary in the GTO in Memphis. Photo courtesy of the Great Race Facebook page.

The heat is on. Literally. This is one of the warmest Great Race tours we have ever experienced. We’re not complaining, just trying to keep cool. All the Great Racers are always grateful for a bit of shade or a slight breeze when on our breaks.

Since we last reported we have traveled from Georgia to Auburn, Alabama where we had another amazing crowd. From Auburn, we overnighted in Birmingham, Alabama. There was a lot going on in Birmingham due to the fact there was a USFL game ( the new football league) in town on Sunday. I believe it was the Birmingham Stallions playing the New Orleans Breakers.

On Monday morning, we headed to Mississippi where we had lunch in Tupelo. For Elvis fans, this was a treat to be in the town of his birth! But it gets better. We continued on to Graceland in Memphis, Tennessee where we are having our overnight.

Many but not all might know that we had last-minute mechanical issues with the 1941 Packard, (the car Brett and Noah were supposed to drive) the day before it was to be shipped to Florida. Countless hours were spent attempting the repair with no avail. So Brett and Noah are instead driving a 1935 Auburn, one of our favorite cars. They are doing well, and have even earned a few aces.

Father and son team Brett and Noah Stahl earned a few aces in the 1935 Auburn.

This is the first time Brett and Noah have driven the Auburn in the Great Race.

Another great shot of the Stars and Stripes in Georgia, courtesy of the Great Race Facebook page.

It takes a village. Great Racers help a fellow participant cross the finish line into Birmingham, AL.

We couldn’t participate in the Great Race without Magic Dave, our most important support team member.

Finding some shade in Graceland.

There are several motorcycles participating in the Great Race this year.

We’ll take any bit of shade we can get while waiting for other cars to start.

There are still extreme heat warnings advised for tomorrow as we head to Little Rock, Arkansas. The hot weather puts additional strains on both the cars and the participants. Especially those with no air conditioning and open roofs. We are hoping for the best as we continue on our adventure to Colorado Springs.

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  1. Trevor Dean says:

    Hi Ted.
    You probably don’t remember me, but I used to run Stahls UK which became Transatlantic Lettering Company. I have been quietly following you and STAHLS for many years, I Remember both you and Mary, also Brian and Roger.
    As I live in Florida now (not the UK) I understand and commiserate with you about the heat.
    I am pleased to see that you are well and look forward to following this adventure.
    Best regards
    Trevor Dean

  2. Ted Johnson says:

    Josh & Trevor better keep a close eye on those cooling suits! Best wishes to Team Stahls in the rally!

  3. Dick Raymond says:

    Thanks for the updates

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