What Makes Hotronix the Heat Press Industry Leader?

What makes Hotronix the world’s best selling heat press? Here’s the backstory.

Why is Hotronix the best heat press for professionals and small businesses alike? In the world of heat presses, quality matters and Hotronix has been the industry leader for over 35 years. But it didn’t happen overnight. It all started back in the early 1980’s.

In fact, some people thought it was impossible to build a better heat press. And I was called an “incurable optimist” when I insisted it could be done. It wasn’t easy and it took the efforts of a lot of people. Here’s the story:

When Stahls’ introduced Thermo-FILM® as an alternative to vinyl numbers and letters in the early 1980’s, complaints about heat presses, were widespread. Thermo-FILM®, like many of the transfers being developed at the time, required more precise application times and temperatures in order to perform properly.

What Was Wrong with Old Presses?

  • These complaints included uneven pressure, cold spots on the platen, heat fluctuation, and inaccurate timers. There was no accuracy, no consistency in heat printing results. You just had to cross your fingers and pray.
  • The world needed a press that could overcome these problems. Our customers needed to be able to apply our products with perfect results every time. At the time, I was even willing to have another manufacturer create a better press for Stahls’ to sell. We approached and visited several heat press manufacturers, in order to work with them to improve the heat press.

But no heat press company was interested in devoting the time, effort, and money it would take to develop a better press. No one took me seriously.

I remember distinctly sitting with them with their dumbfounded looks of “why” and their lack of vision about the future. So they left us with no choice but to create our own heat press. So together with Ron Anderson, and some professors at Carnegie Mellon University in Pittsburgh, we created the concept of the modern heat press with computer chips, temperature probes and digital controls for temperature, time and pressure. These were all the things the customers needed to correctly apply the modern adhesives.

That was only half the battle, now the task of creating these new heat presses, which we named Hotronix. Ron found a vacant building that had been used for manufacturing clothing and we ventured into finding aluminum casting companies and the other necessary parts and creating a new heat press based on the designs that Ron and engineers had come up with. It was an exciting time. We had a lot of failures and a lot of achievements. The revolutionary Hotronix press was designed with 180 inches of cal rod heating elements placed closely together throughout the platen.

Platen Thickness Improved

Another deficiency all heat presses had back then (and most imports still have today!) was a too-thin platen. Hotronix solved the problem by manufacturing the first  ¾-inch heat platen, which has since become an industry standard. They also used non-stick coating on the upper platen to make it easier to use and keep clean.

First Digitally Controlled Press

But the most controversial improvement that we made in the heat press was the addition of a circuit board. The Hotronix was the first press in the world to control time, temperature and pressure with digital technology. There was also another feature on the press that has not ever been duplicated on other low-priced, manual presses.

Pressure Readout Feature—Only from Hotronix®

The first Hotronix Swinger was able to provide a pressure-readout for users—unheard of in a manual heat press even to this day. Being able to set time, temperature and pressure were the most important features for the customer, but there were many “extras” that made the Hotronix famous as well. It was possible to program the Hotronix to turn itself on in the morning and shut itself off in the evening. You could also program your favorite settings and recall them at the touch of a button.

Beyond the Basics

All these conveniences, which many people today take for granted, were “pooh-poohed” back in 1987 as “bells and whistles” by the competition.

In fact, even some of our own Hotronix team members thought it was an impossible task. When I went to Carmichael to speak to Hotronix staff, I remember Shirley called me an “incurable optimist.” I only saw the positive results that would come from all their hard work. It certainly wasn’t easy engineering and building a new press from scratch. There were many obstacles to overcome. But when we succeeded the advanced Hotronix was welcomed with open arms by customers around the world.

They didn’t know it but they had been waiting many years for these improvements in heat press technology. Within a few short years, heat press manufacturers were scrambling to copy or appear to copy Hotronix technology. To this day, no one has even come close.

Today, Hotronix remains the leader, constantly evolving to meet the needs of heat printers. While others imitate, Hotronix continues to innovate, pushing the boundaries of heat press technology. If you are looking for a heat press, there is no comparison.

Why Choose Hotronix?

  • Best Heat Press Performance: Achieve professional-grade heat press results every time.
  • No Guesswork and Reliable Results: Take the guesswork out of heat printing for consistent outcomes.
  • Ease of Use: Make your heat printing easier and faster than ever.
  • Interchangeable platens: Print any item, no muss no fuss.
  • Innovation: Experience cutting-edge features that give ultimate control over time, temperature and pressure.
  • Durability: Invest in a press built to last, backed by industry-leading support. Made in the USA. 24/7 service.

Ready to elevate your heat pressing game? Explore the range of Hotronix models and discover the perfect fit for your needs.

The World’s Best Selling Heat Press—STAHLS’ Hotronix

Today, Hotronix is the world’s best-selling commercial heat press. Our Hotronix Fusion IQ® technology is available in single, dual platen and hat printing models. Precision results, interchangeable platens let you print any location, any type of transfer. Patented, state of the art heat press technology you won’t find elsewhere. Programmable digital heat presses with online portal capabilities. Manage users and generate usage reports. Blue ribbon 24/7 customer service support and lifetime platen warranty.  We sell direct and through qualified Master Distributors.  Here’s where they are made:

Looking for more info on the best-selling heat press in the world? Here’s a link to all our downloadable heat printing booklets. 

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