Heat Press Comparison: Hotronix vs. Import

If you’ve ever wondered why Hotronix heat presses are better, take a look inside a Hotronix heat press and an inexpensive import.

Ever since we began manufacturing and selling the Hotronix heat press in the U.S., one of our main challenges has been to educate apparel decorators on why they should consider the quality of a Hotronix heat press over a lesser (usually imported but not always) heat press. We wrote brochures about the top ten reasons you should consider a Hotronix, we created buying guides for heat presses in general, we offered to buy back your old presses, we did a lot. But this is the first time we’ve created a video that actually takes you on a tour of all those reasons and then some. In this video, Josh shows you what it looks like inside an imported heat press compared to the inner workings of a Hotronix heat press, so you can see the differences first hand. It’s much easier to understand the benefits of Over the Center Pressure, a thicker heat platen, more cal-rod heating elements evenly spaced throughout the platen, Threadability, the RTD (Resistance Temperature Device) probe, interchangeable platens and more when you see them compared side by side to a lesser quality import. If you have ever wondered why a Hotronix heat press costs a bit more, you’ll have a much greater understanding of the workmanship and engineering that goes into each Hotronix after watching this video. The video, which just aired May 16th has already had thousands of views and we are also receiving lots of comments from Hotronix users. Thank you to everyone who has taken the time to understand why there “really is a difference,” when it comes to heat presses (not to mention the warranty and customer service). If you are serious about succeeding in the world of custom heat printed apparel, this video will hopefully answer all your questions about why Hotronix presses are considered to be the best in the world.

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