Grow Your Business with a Heat Press

Grow your business with a heat press. Find out how. Download your free copy of the Ultimate Heat Press Buying Guide from Stahls’.

Many of you are considering ways to grow your business. For some, this may include the purchase of a new, more efficient heat press. There are many things to consider when purchasing a heat press, such as the type of items you plan to print, the number of items you plan to print and of course your work space. If you’re considering buying a cheap import, you may want to reconsider.

Some businesses simply don’t have the room for a swing away type press and need to consider a clam or draw press. We know you have a lot of questions when you’re in the market for a heat press. Which is why we’ve created a comprehensive buying guide.  It’s called the Ultimate Heat Press Buying Guide. 

This 11-page guide highlights the basic elements and features of the latest heat presses and includes free worksheets that will help you ask the right questions when speaking with manufacturers. To download your free copy, click here.


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