How-To Make and Sell Custom T-Shirts

Learn how to make and sell custom shirts. Download your free copy of the Ultimate Guide to Starting a T-Shirt Business from Stahls’.

Are you ready to learn how to make and sell custom t-shirts? If you’ve already identified the potential profitability of selling custom t-shirts as a way to earn additional income, but aren’t sure how to go about getting started, you’ve come to the right place. Do you want to print custom t-shirts that can be used for fundraising? Do you want to create custom t-shirts to sell online?  Anyone can make and sell custom t-shirts, but some ways are easier than others. Looking for the easiest ways? We literally wrote the book on creating custom t-shirts and we’ve made many videos on the subject. Our business has been built on helping people create professional looking custom apparel. We offer all the supplies, equipment and most importantly, all the knowledge, education and support you need to be successful. We can even help you set a shop up online to sell the custom t-shirts you create.

Earn Additional Income by Making and Selling Custom Shirts

Over the years we’ve seen so many people earn additional income by creating and selling custom t-shirts and more out of your home office, spare bedroom, workshop or garage. Some of these businesses go on to become much larger, successful businesses, some remain small and just bring in a side income. Whether you’re ready to go all in and dedicate all your efforts to the world of custom apparel or you just want to get your feet wet and earn some extra income, we are here to help.

Low Start Up Costs, Start in Any Size Room

You don’t need a lot of money to get started and you don’t need a lot of space. I’m not talking about setting up a screen printing operation or investing in any large pieces of digital printing equipment. You can get stared for a very low investment and you can learn to print beautiful custom shirts (and more) using a heat press. So many of our successful Stahls’ and Transfer Express customers got started with little more than an idea and a heat press.

All You Need is a Heat Press

If you want to get started printing t-shirts right now, the fastest, easiest way to get started is with a heat press. Request your free copy of The Ultimate Guide to Starting a T-Shirt Business. It’s really true. Anyone can learn to print custom t-shirts these days. If you would rather learn more by watching a video, the video below has been viewed by hundreds of thousands of people, and is packed with information and has very good reviews. It features heat printing expert Josh Ellsworth. Even though it was produced in 2017, the information is still valuable today. And the best part is, it’s only become easier and we have even better custom printing products and services available today. But if you download the book and watch the video, you will have a great foundation about how to get started in the profitable world of heat printing custom apparel. It starts with an overview of three different heat presses. If you want to jump ahead and see how to apply a custom transfer on a t-shirt, fast forward to around the 18 minute mark. If you’re using a vinyl cutter and want to see how to apply a design created with heat transfer vinyl on a shirt, jump ahead to the 1:00 hour mark. Of course you are welcome to watch the entire video start to finish. Are you ready to get started learning how to print custom t-shirts today? We are here to help.

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  1. Alice Carroll says:

    Thanks for the tip about how using a heat press is also a good idea when it comes to producing custom T-shirts. I’d like to have some made for an event I will be holding soon. I think that commemorative items like that will help increase attendance a bit.

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