How To Create Two-Color T-Shirt Designs

UltraWeed HTV from Stahls

See how easy it is to create two-color logos and text on shirts using CAD-CUT UltraWeed heat transfer vinyl.

Stahls’ recently introduced a new all purpose heat transfer vinyl called UltraWeed. We’ve been getting tremendous feedback about how easy it is to use. It can be used with any type of cutter, including desktop craft cutters. Another great feature of UltraWeed–it can be easily layered. This means you can create two-color designs on shirts using UltraWeed. Jenna shows you how to do it in this how-to video. If you would like to see how to print a two color design on a t-shirt using a heat transfer vinyl and a heat press, this video shows you how it’s done. It’s not complicated and you don’t need any fancy equipment. There are no inks and no screens. Even if you’ve never attempted a two-color t-shirt design before, you’ll be inspired when you see how easy it is with UltraWeed. The best part is, you can create as little as one shirt and still sell it for a tremendous profit. For more information or to see more how-to videos on t-shirt printing, Stahls’ has a complete library of information. Whether you are just getting started in the business or printing t-shirts or you want to add a heat press to your existing apparel business, we can show you how.

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