Stahl Family Scholarship Winners

Congratulations to the most recent winners of the Stahl Family Scholarship program.

Stahl Family Scholarship 4th Quarter Winners

STAHLS’ has recently unveiled the 2023 Q4 winners of the Stahl Family Scholarship, celebrating entrepreneurial spirit and rewarding small businesses. The scholarship, initiated in 2020, expanded in 2022 to award eight winners annually, with quarterly distinctions for both small businesses and schools. Each winner receives a Stahls’ Dream Shop package valued at over six thousand dollars, equipped with everything needed for success in heat printing.

Winners are chosen by a panel of industry experts and gain access to personalized training from the STAHLS’ team.


The 2023 Q4 winner in the business category is Country Hillside Designs, a small-town business in rural North Dakota. In the school category, we congratulate Terri Gentry of Jayhawk-Linn High School in Mound City, Kansas. This high school fosters entrepreneurial development through business and graphic design programs, and a campus store.


SCHOOL WINNER: Terri Gentry and Jayhawk-Lynn High School

Terri Gentry, a dedicated teacher at Jayhawk-Linn High School in Mound City, Kansas, was the scholarship’s school winner for Q4, 2023.  The recognition reflects the outstanding efforts and accomplishments of Jayhawk-Linn High School in entrepreneurship, business skills, and graphic arts.

With courses like Intro to Business, Intro to Entrepreneurship, Graphic Design, and Graphic Design Project Management, Jayhawk-Linn High School provides a great foundation for students interested in business.

The scholarship will help grow and support the school spirit wear store, Red Thread. The store serves as a hub for producing apparel for various school classes, clubs, sports teams, and even local businesses. With the new equipment provided by the scholarship, students now have access to industry-quality tools. This will help build their skills in apparel creation.

In addition, the advantages of the Stahl Family Scholarship extends beyond equipment upgrades. Terri acknowledges the invaluable training and guidance provided by Stahls’ industry professionals as a crucial component of the award. For someone like Terri, who initially lacked experience in apparel decoration, Stahls’ webinars, videos, and blogs have been indispensable. The scholarship promises to further improve the efficiency and quality of the students’ work.

Learning new skills

School Store Success

What’s more, the impact of Red Thread on the local community is noteworthy. Operating in a low-income area, the school store offers spirit wear products at lower costs for students and parents. This accessibility has not only enhanced school spirit through increased purchases of school-themed apparel. It has also benefited local businesses and other organizations looking for lower cost personalized items.

Looking ahead, the success of Red Thread indicates a promising future for the program at Jayhawk-Linn High School. More students are expressing interest in continuing their involvement in entrepreneurship and graphic arts, learning valuable assets for a lifetime. The scholarship’s provision of advanced equipment and expert training will unlock even more opportunities for students, staff, and the broader community.

Lifelong learning assets

BUSINESS WINNER: Country Hillside Designs

On a ranch near Ryder, North Dakota, Patti, the owner of Country Hillside Designs, has clinched the business category win. From a hobby in 2008, Patti’s custom apparel business has grown significantly, offering embroidery, digital print/cut, heat transfer vinyl, and screen printed transfers.

It’s true that Patti’s commitment to quality, customer satisfaction, and continuous improvement led to the significant growth of her business. Her dedication to providing memorable apparel for both individual customers (B2C) and professional apparel for businesses (B2B) shines through as she harnesses her knowledge, expertise, and skills to make her customers look good with their clothes on.

Country Hillside Designs in North Dakota

Pathway to Success

Overall, the Stahls’ Family Scholarship is a significant milestone for Country Hillside Designs, offering a gateway to professional growth. Patti envisions leveraging the scholarship to access cutting-edge equipment, guided by industry professionals who will introduce her to new trends and technologies. This infusion will not only enhance the business’s efficiency but also broaden its customer reach by incorporating innovative printing techniques for T-shirts and other apparel.

Additionally, winning the scholarship means more than just acquiring state of the art equipment. Patti plans to redirect the funds that would have been spent on purchasing equipment towards strategic marketing and advertising initiatives. This will enable Country Hillside Designs to explore new avenues, expanding its business horizons.

Vision for the Future

Patti’s five-year vision for the future paints a picture of sustained growth and specialization. With additional employees, an expanded shop, and improved online presence, Country Hillside Designs aims to elevate customer experience. The scholarship will help Country Hillside offer customers a wider array of choices for personalized apparel. The journey has just begun, and with the support of Stahls’, the path to success looks more promising than ever.

Inside the shop

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