Team Numbers, No Problem

Brandi Franken posted this photo a while ago showing UltraColorMAX transfers on one side of the jersey and Stahls’ Pre-Spaced Team names and numbers on the back.

Team numbers, no problem!

It’s that time of year when people need numbers and names on team jerseys. Yes, you can print for teams if you have a heat press.

If you haven’t already heard about it, now’s the time to discover why Thermo-FILM remains the go-to choice for thousands of printing experts worldwide. Recently on social media (Stahls’ Heat Press for Profit Facebook group, where over 15,000 heat printing experts share ideas and information), people are talking about Therm0-FILM and how they use it to personalize. If you’re not a member, you should check it out.

In addition to sharing how they put names and numbers on jerseys, often in combination with UltraColorMAX transfers or other heat transfers, they also share information on how they their personalization, how they overcome application challenges and much more. These are your peers sharing information on a regular basis. They are experts in the field and they are printing thousands of jerseys. It’s really a fantastic forum.

Don’t just take our word for it. Hear directly from our long-time customers and fans about what sets Thermo-FILM apart:

What do you like about Thermo-FILM?

  • The feel—lighter than vinyl
  • No dye migration on polyester
  • Used over 8 years shows little wear
  • Durable, easy to use, weeds nicely
  • I’ve got shirts from 10 years ago and the ThermoFILM looks better that the shirt
  • It goes on pretty much anything!

These glowing testimonials speak volumes about the unmatched quality and versatility of Thermo-FILM. These are real responses from real Thermo-FILM users, emphasizing its durability, versatility, and superior performance.

Ready to dive deeper into the world of custom garment decoration alongside industry experts? Join the Stahls’ Heat Press for Profit Facebook group today and unlock a treasure trove of knowledge, tips, and inspiration.

Why Thermo-FILM is Number 1

With Thermo-FILM, you can elevate your personalization game and achieve professional-grade results that exceed expectations, season after season. Join the community of enthusiasts who trust Thermo-FILM for their printing needs and experience the difference firsthand.

Printing team uniforms is easier (and more profitable!) than ever, especially if you already own a Hotronix heat transfer press.

Advantages of Heat Print Numbers

One thing every team needs is numbers. The advantages of using heat print numbers over screen printing are numerous. In fact, textile screen printers are some of the largest users of heat printed numbers in the world. Heat printed numbers are—and always will be—a  fast, easy and clean way to number jerseys, whether you’re printing ten shirts or 10,000. If you stock pre-cut numbers you can print jerseys today. Even screen printers, who will screen print the front of the uniforms with mascots or team names, often use pre-cuts for the individual team numbers and names that go on the back. The beauty of heat print numbers is that you can create a single jersey, with a single number, in just seconds. This makes heat printing ideal for last minute orders or replacement jerseys. The same can’t be said for screen printing.

Team Numbering How To

Teams are usually made up of about 15 players, who each need an individual player number. While it may be cost effective for direct screen printers to screen print the team logos on the front of the shirts, a high level of technical expertise is required to successfully screen print numbers—even with equipment designed specifically for athletic numbering. It can be done, but even experienced screen printers and large garment manufacturers often rely on heat applied numbers to reduce printing error percentages. Here are some of the most popular heat applied numbering solutions available:

  • PRE-SPACED PLAYER NAMES: To take care of both numbers and player names at the same time, order pre-spaced player names and numbers from STAHLS’.
  • PRE-CUT or DIE-CUT: You can buy a wide selection of pre-cut/die-cut numbers and letters in packs, convenient kits or team sets for a lower cost, which allows you to layout the names and numbers yourself. Adding names and numbers is easy. Just arrange on your garment and heat apply. Layout guides and templates are available for proper alignment. Numbers are available in the most popular styles and sizes, in both one and two-color styles. Thermo-FILM® is the world’s most popular athletic numbering material, offering excellent opacity, wash ability and durability. When applied properly, they don’t peel, chip or flake off—ever!

Remember, the players and coaches are not the only ones who want/need personalized jerseys. Don’t forget about the parents, the grandparents and other fans. This is a great opportunity to consider even if you don’t get the team or league business.

You can keep Thermo-FILM numbers on hand, available in kits or by the pack. You’re ready to personalize on demand.

stahls' thermo film names and numbers prespace

Don’t forget about personalizing for the fans with Stahls’ Thermo-FILM pre-spaced names and numbers. It’s never been easier!

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