Full Color Logos? No Problem with UltraColor

Full color logos? No problem with Ultra Color. Find out what our scholarship winners think about UltraColor Soft transfers!

Full Color Logos? No Problem with UltraColor

Recently I shared information about our first round of scholarship winners–The Patsy Family of P5 Productions, Nikki and Haley of Old Coast Co. and Alma from Mariel Beads and Beyond. A little while ago, we asked them to use the Easy View Designer on the Transfer Express website and give us their feedback. You’ll discover why we say, full color logos, no problem!

They all used the Easy View Designer to create their custom transfers. For transfer type, they chose to order UltraColor Soft transfers. Here is what they had to say about the design process and the finished print results.

full color logos no problem

Steve Patsy of P5 Productions shows the doll shirt he printed with a UltraColor Soft transfer. Full color logos are no problem with UltraColor.

Here’s what Steve Patsy of P5 Productions had to say:

What did you like most about the product?

“I like the ease of application for UltraColor Soft. It’s not plastic-feeling and moves and bends with the fabric, not bulky or uncomfortable. And for full-color designs, you can’t beat the price.”

What benefit/value did you get from the demo of the Easy View designer?

“I don’t know where to begin. This is a robust piece of design software that’s easy to use and create some fun designs. You can really tweak the templated designs to create something really custom and unique, or just change the text for an even simpler design. It gave me the confidence to be able to create a design without any real design skills or experience with branded software (Illustrator, Corel, etc).

For anyone on the fence, I’d recommend just getting in there and start pressing buttons. I guarantee you’ll have a great design in no time.”

We’re glad you liked the transfers Steve! Full color logos no problem!

In addition, here’s what Nikki from Old Coast Co., a lifestyle brand apparel company in Pacifica, California, had to say about using Easy View Designer to order UltraColor Soft:


Nikki of Old Coast Co. in Pacifica, California shows us a shirt she made using UltraColor Soft.

Old Coast Co. – Nikki and Haley

“First of all, we are so excited to see our designs come to life with the UltraColor Soft! Previously, we attempted a multi-color design at home with printable vinyl, but the colors didn’t match and the product was not high quality on the garment. When we received the design in UltraColor Soft, it was exactly as we imagined it would be!

Soft, Flexible Feel

And we loved the soft, flexible feel of the material on our sweatshirt. We quickly came up with several more designs using UltraColor Soft because we loved it so much!

Additionally, we were able to order dozens of these designs once we received the training on Easy View. So simple! The best thing we learned from the training was how to save sheets to come back for reordering.

Easy to Reorder

Finally, this is going to save us so much time because now all we need to do is press one button to reorder!”

Thank you Nikki and Haley. It’s really true. The great thing about UltraColor Soft is there is no limit to the number of colors you can print.

Benefits of Grouping Images on One Sheet

And, you can put as many images as will fit on an 11.5″ x 18″ sheet. It’s a great way to “gang-up” different sizes of one design or even combine different logos on one sheet. It saves money and reduces the price per image! It seems that Alma also discovered the benefits right away. Here’s what she had to say:

Alma of Mariel Beads and Beyond made this amazing full color unicorn design with UltraColor Soft.

Mariel Beads and Beyond – Alma

“I’m very exited about my recent Transfer Express order. I chose the UltraColor Soft because my designs have multiple colors. Using the Easy View designer was fairly easy. I chose the 18″ x 11.5″ sheet and I was able to accommodate different sizes of my design. Super easy to apply, very soft and the colors are just what I expected.”

Learn More at our Online Event

If you want to learn more about using UltraColor Soft transfers, register to attend our Unleash the Color online learning event on April 7th.

It’s a full day of information from garment decoration experts. You can ask all the questions you want and participate in online classes. It’s going to be very informative and a lot of fun. Learn more about attending and registering here.


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