Stahls’ 1st Scholarship Winners Announced

We are really proud to announce the first three winners of Stahls’ Scholarship, empowering entrepreneurs to build a t-shirt business.

We are very proud and happy to announce three winners of the Stahls’ A2Z Scholarship. Thank you to everyone who submitted an application. We truly had a hard time choosing from all the qualified applicants. In fact, originally we were only going to announce one winner, but felt more than one deserved our support. If you are starting a new t-shirt printing business and would like to be considered in our next round of scholarship applications, we are accepting new applications until January 10, 2021. In the meanwhile, we are proud to introduce the very first winners. We will be following them in their journeys and sharing their progress along the way. In addition to winning a heat press, our team of heat printing experts are also offering regular one-to-one and group coaching sessions on a monthly basis. Congratulations and welcome to the wonderful world of t-shirt printing.

Meet Alma G. from Eden Prairie, Minnesota

Alma Greenwood of Prairie, Minnesota is ready to start heat printing.

As you’ll see in the video posted below which features the winners, Alma has a story that may be familiar to some of you. She mentions, “Due to COVID my hours were reduced. I have two YouTube channels with close to 100,000 followers altogether. And I’ve decided to focus on heat transfer. I have a website and an Etsy account I just needed a little push.” We hope this A2Z heat press and our support and coaching is the push Alma needs to grow her t-shirt business. She already offers the service of embroidery, but mostly for uniforms. She’s excited to add CAD-CUT Glitter Flake and CAD-CUT UltraWeed to heat print uniforms as well as custom masks and t-shirts.

The Patsy Family plans to offer custom printed merchandise to their YouTube followers using a heat press.

Meet the Patsy Family from Vancouver, Washington

Next up, the Patsy Family is no stranger to social media, with their own YouTube channel and over 450K subscribers. For a while now, they had been searching for a way to sell their followers merchandise featuring their brand.  After researching screen printing, direct to garment and using other suppliers, they realized heat printing was the best solution. It was the only method that let them take control of their merchandise. It also appeared to be the most profitable. We agree! Heat printing truly is an excellent way to reach a niche market and we wish the Patsy Family all the best with their merchandise sales.

Meet Haley and Nikki from Pacifica, California

Haley and Nikki, childhood friends and new moms are building a t-shirt business specializing in children’s apparel.

Lastly, these childhood best friends, Haley and Nikki, recently both gave birth to baby girls.  According to Haley, “Staying at home due to COVID restrictions gave us time to hang with our babies and explore creative outlets, which got us started on heat printing! Nikki was unfortunately laid-off from her job. However, it pushed us to take the leap into starting our heat printing business together!” The women opened an Etsy shop called Old Coast Co. Talk about  turning lemons into lemonade. The women plan to use the A2Z press to create custom apparel for local businesses and tourists in their home town of Pacifica. We look forward to following your journeys in the custom apparel world. The demand for custom items continues to grow and we don’t see an end in sight.

If you are interested in learning more about starting a t-shirt printing business, please join us this January at our Heat Press for Profit Live virtual learning event. It’s free and open to everyone, whether you already own a heat press or are considering purchasing one.

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