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Ultimate Virtual Event for Printing T-Shirts

Learn how to start and grow a t-shirt business at this FREE online virtual event.

If you want to open or grow your t-shirt business you should sign up for an upcoming event. It’s the Ultimate Event to Grow your T-Shirt Business.


If you are already familiar with our hugely popular Facebook group, Heat Press for Profit (please take a look), you know how important it is to network and connect with your peers as well as learn from experts. In addition, this page is where we post and talk about all the latest ways to earn money using a heat press. Plus, we post how-to videos there and customers post pictures of their work and share ideas. All in all, it’s a great resource for t-shirt printers.

However, now we take things a step further and combine learning, networking and fun into one free online event. That’s right, we’re getting our best experts together to host a three day extravaganza of t-shirt printing information!


The Heat Press for Profit LIVE event is for t-shirt decorators at any stage of their business. Heat Press for Profit LIVE goes live January 5-7, 2021. It will be three days, with over a dozen live classes. There will be a few for beginners, and some for the advanced printers. You can join in any class and learn how to print t-shirts.


This event offers countless opportunities to learn and zero barriers to entry, as well as networking with peers and teachers.
You will join top-rated apparel decoration experts, blank apparel suppliers and industry influencers, as we bring the future of custom shirt personalization to you at this FREE virtual event.


While the event itself is free, we’re offering participants a way to follow along and heat press what we’re heat pressing. And, for an additional fee, join in the fun by ordering a hands-on kit filled with items to decorate in the live sessions. Participants will receive everything they need to create top quality, custom decorated samples. Each box contains six apparel samples and high quality custom heat transfer graphics. All you need is a heat press. Order by November 30th to receive a special discounted rate.

For more information and to register for Heat Press for Profit LIVE, or to purchase a sample box, click on this link. 


In addition, if you want to get started building your business right now, this video on How To Start a T-Shirt Business from Home will get you on the right track. It’s true, you don’t have to wait until January!

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