How to Print Face Masks

ultimate guide to decorating face masks with heat press

Download your free copy of the Ultimate Guide to Decorating Face Masks with a Heat Press today.

If you’re looking for more information on how to print face masks with your heat press, this FREE book has all the information you need. Whether you want to print one-color logos or full color designs, all you need is a heat press. Here is your link to The Ultimate Guide to Decorating Face Masks with a Heat Press. 

This guide goes over the different types of face masks that are available to purchase blank and then decorate. The book includes links to suppliers that sell wholesale masks for decoration. It discusses which kind of heat press you can use. It also goes over  5 different types of graphics you can use to print masks. These include, custom screen printed transfers, for one or two color logos, UltraColor Soft for full color designs, CAD-Printz custom logos for full color designs, CAD-CUT heat transfer vinyl for one or two color designs and sublimation transfers for all over printing on masks.

Furthermore, the book shares return on investment information from an actual mask-printing business. A business owner shares how profitable it can be to print face masks. You can start printing masks today if you own a CriCut or Silhouette craft cutter. If you don’t have a cutter you can call and order the custom transfers you need. The book also goes over ways to create custom artwork for mask printing.

And don’t forget, you want to use prints that are certified to be safe. This is called CPSIA certification and the book shows you which materials are CPSIA certified and therefore best to use on masks. If you are considering offering people the service of custom printed face masks, this booklet has a lot of really useful information.

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