Hotronix Success at FESPA and Impressions

Hotronix Success at FESPA and Impressions

Part of the team at FESPA Amsterdam 2024

Hotronix Success at FESPA and Impressions

Stahls’ at FESPA Amsterdam and Impressions Expo in Atlantic City

Stahls’ showcased our latest advancements in garment decoration technology in two very different locations last week. In an unprecedented move, we simultaneously presented our innovative solutions at two of the industry’s most influential expos: FESPA in Amsterdam and the Impressions Expo in Atlantic City. It was a whirlwind of innovation, connection, and inspiration.

FESPA Amsterdam: A Hub of Innovation

At FESPA 2024 in Amsterdam, Stahls’ Europe took center stage, displaying our cutting-edge technologies, products and services.  As a show sponsor, the STAHLS’ Europe logo was featured on signage throughout the event. Our team members also participated on several educational panels. Andy Rogers of Stahls’ UK spoke about Printing on Demand, Joaquim Martins of Stahls’ TPT spoke about sportswear decorating trends and Jayson Tompkins, Chief Digital Officer Stahls’ Fulfill Engine spoke about the latest in software production technology for garment decorators.

The vibrant city of Amsterdam was the perfect backdrop for us to share our passion for heat print technology with the world. We were among the best, demonstrating our latest developments in Hotronix heat press technology (Hotronix heat presses were also in action at the booths of industry business partners, with 15 Hotronix presses total on the show floor!), CAD-CUT vinyl cutting, and UltraColor Max DTF digital printing solutions. STAHLS’ Europe introduced (make sure you check out their new website) the opportunity to Print on Demand with our UltraColor MAX transfers as well as showcasing our CAD-CUT heat transfer vinyls.

Hotronix Success at FESPA and Impressions

Joaquim Martins of STAHLS’ TPT based in Madrid spoke on international sportswear trends at FESPA 2024.

Hotronix Success at FESPA and Impressions

Jayson Tompkins of Stahls’ Fulfill Engine on technology panel at FESPA in Amsterdam.

Hotronix Success at FESPA and Impressions

CEO Carleen Gray speaks with the press at FESPA Amsterdam.

FESPA Hightlight

The highlight for us at FESPA was the unveiling of the Hotronix ProPlace IQ Technology.  This is a leap into the future for precision heat printing.

Decorators who are looking for heightened efficiency got to see the Hotronix® ProPlace IQ™ in action. On the show floor it was teamed with the Hotronix® Dual Air Fusion heat press. This system features a patented projection alignment system to ensure perfect logo placement on every garment. Simply upload your artwork into the Hotronix® system, and at the touch of a button, watch your design project onto the lower platen, simplifying alignment, speeding up production, and reducing waste from misprints. Just click, position, and press to experience unparalleled efficiency like never before.

In addition, STAHLS’ CEO Carleen Gray was on hand, as well as Ben Robinson of Hotronix, Martin Borley of Stahls’ UK/Europe, Stephanie Schnur of Stahls’ Europe, Joaquim Martins of Stahls’ TPT and Steven Lee from Stahls’ Asia. This top international management team hosted a long overdue appreciation event on Wednesday evening in Amsterdam, where we were thrilled to welcome our VIP customers, suppliers and vendors.

Hotronix Success at FESPA and Impressions

Andy Rogers of Stahls’ UK speaks about Printing on Demand at FESPA.

Hotronix Success at FESPA and Impressions

Hotronix was a success at both FESPA and Impressions Expo in March 2024

Impressions Expo in Atlantic City: Fun and Fabulous

Meanwhile, across the pond in Atlantic City, the team was making waves at the Impressions Expo.  Our booths there, both Stahls’ and Stahls’ Transfer Express, were a hub of creativity, with live heat printing demonstrations showing just how easy and effective heat printing is for businesses of all sizes. Our Heat Press Pro day, which took place on March 20th, was a jam-packed session designed to take decorating skills to the next level. Participants learned from experts Josh Ellsworth, Kelly Walters and Dave Conner on how to tackle the most challenging markets.

There was also a collaboration or activation with Otto Cap and Comfort Colors  where they created a unique experience of T-shirt and cap customization with the fun of a claw machine!

Hotronix heat presses, including the Dual Air Hotronix Fusion and the ProPlaceIQ were also stars of the show in Atlantic City. On Thursday, a Facebook live session took place between our team members at FESPA and Impressions. People who tuned in could see the activity and opportunity going on at both locations.

Hotronix success at FESPA and Impressions

Thanks to everyone who attended Pro Day in Atlantic City!

Hotronix Success at FESPA and Impressions

Stahls’ Transfer Express and Stahls’ booths were constantly busy at Impressions Expo in Atlantic City.

The Spirit of Collaboration

One of the most rewarding aspects of exhibiting at these expos is the spirit of collaboration. The opportunity to meet with customers face to face, exchange ideas, and discuss future trends was invigorating. We’re not just selling products; we’re fostering a community and helping people grow their businesses.

Looking Ahead

After hearing reports from many on our team at FESPA and the Impressions Expo, I’m filled with pride and excitement for the future. These events have shown us that the appetite for innovation in garment decoration is greater than ever. As we move forward, our commitment to research, development, and understanding the needs of our customers remains unwavering.

Thank you to everyone who joined us at these events. And of course those behind the scenes who made it all possible. Your enthusiasm and feedback fuel our drive to continue delivering excellence. For those who couldn’t make it, we hope to connect with you at future shows or online. Together, we’ll continue to redefine the possibilities of garment decoration.


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