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There was a lot of interest in the new ProPlace 360IQ at the recent Printing United Expo in Atlanta.

Heat Print on Demand

Heat print on demand made a huge splash at the recent Printing United Expo held in Atlanta, Georgia.

Last week Mary and I had the opportunity to meet with so many GroupeSTAHL team members from around the U.S. and the world who were attending GroupeSTAHL meetings and the Printing United Trade Expo. Thank you for traveling to Atlanta and other Stahls’ locations in Ohio and Pennsylvania. We truly appreciate you. And special thanks to everyone at GroupeSTAHL who helped make it all happen, for all the work behind the scenes. While walking into the Printing United show, we also had a wonderful chance meeting with Ron Anderson, inventor of the first Hotronix Heat Press. It was good to see him again after so many years.

Really great running into Ron Anderson at Printing United in Atlanta.

It was fantastic to meet and greet so many customers, industry friends and staff members at Printing United.

Our CEO Carleen Gray and Chief Revenue Officer Josh Ellsworth also held a press conference at Printing United. We had some exciting news to share. As you may have already heard, we have acquired Fulfill Engine. We were able to officially welcome Jayson Tompkins and his team to the GroupeSTAHL family in Atlanta.

Fulfill Engine can help you automate your business from the time an order is placed to the finished printed garment. You are going to really be impressed with everything it can do.

Welcome to the Stahls’ Family Jayson Tompkins!

Another HUGE announcement at the press conference was the debut of the HOTRONIX PROPLACE 360IQ which won’t be shipping/available until next year but there was extreme interest in this projection-layout technology for all booth visitors. If you own a Hotronix Dual Air Fusion you need to see this. It will be another Hotronix game changer when it comes to improving productivity for our customers.

Here is a video link of Josh introducing it at the show. Click here to watch! 


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