Josh Ellsworth Appointed Chief Revenue Officer

This is a throwback photo to the SGIA tradeshow in 2011. Congratulations Josh on your new position as Chief Revenue Officer for GroupeSTAHL.

It is with great pride that we share the news of Josh Ellsworth’s promotion to the role of Chief Revenue Officer at GroupeSTAHL by CEO Carleen Gray. For those of us who have had the privilege of watching Josh’s journey unfold over the years, this step comes as a natural progression driven by his dedication, leadership skills, and an unmatched understanding of our industry.

We Knew You When

Josh’s affiliation with GroupeSTAHL has spanned decades–over 25 years and counting– and his growth within the company is inspiring. Since 1999, he has been working hard to make our customer’s lives easier.

Heat Printing Royalty

A well-recognized and respected expert in the field of heat printing, Josh is known for his work as an educator around the world. He has thousands of online and industry fans. Not many Chief Revenue Officers can say that one of his YouTube videos has over one million views!  Josh’s heat printing knowledge and skills have always been assets that he willingly shared with colleagues and customers alike. His ability to connect with people, to truly understand their needs, and to develop solutions that address challenges has set him apart as a true mentor within our organization.

Leading GroupeSTAHL Companies

As he steps into his new role as Chief Revenue Officer, Josh will be at the forefront of global sales and marketing initiatives for all GroupeSTAHL companies including Stahls’, Stahls’ Transfer Express, Stahls’ Hotronix and Stahls’ DFC.

Those who know Josh know he has an innate ability to anticipate and truly understand the needs of our customers. He literally puts himself in their shoes and helps them grow their businesses. He truly cares and it shows.

Our confidence in Josh’s capabilities stems not only from his professional achievements but also from his dedication to our company’s values. His journey is a testament to hard work and dedication.

Congratulations Josh

In closing, Mary and I would like to extend our heartfelt congratulations to Josh on his new role.

Your journey is an inspiration to all of us. We have no doubt you will continue to make us proud as you lead us into the future. Your remarkable career trajectory at Stahls’ is a reflection of your character, your expertise, and your relentless pursuit of excellence. The best is yet to come, and we are excited to see the path you’ll chart as Chief Revenue Officer.

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