Another Great Race in the Books

Congratulations to the Grand Champions of the Great Race 2021, Olivia (20) and her sister Genna (18). They are the first all female team to ever win the rally. Amazing finish!

It’s another Great Race in the books for the Spirit of Stahls’ teams.

First of all, congratulations to Olivia Gentry and her sister Genna on making history with their 2021 Great Race rally win. For the first time ever, an all-female team WON the Great Race! We cheered loudly for them, along with a huge crowd of supporters, when the win was announced on Sunday in Greenville, South Carolina.

Friendly, Fabulous Crowds

The crowds along the route this year were some of the largest we’ve ever experienced. Not only large in numbers but large in friendliness and heart. We felt so welcome everywhere we went.  Thank you for coming out to support us, chat with us and cheer us on.

The Spirit of Stahls’ Teams

It’s hard to believe we traveled from San Antonio, Texas to Greenville, South Carolina, over 1,000 miles, in nine days. We’re happy to report that all five of the Spirt of Stahls’ teams finished the race.  On the last day, our team of Trevor Stahl and Josh Hull actually finished first for the last leg. This gave them an overall finish of 6th place and a third place overall finish in the Expert class. Congratulations to Trevor and Josh.

Congratulations to Trevor Stahl and Josh Hull for finishing 3rd in the Expert division and 6th overall.

A great finish for Trevor and Josh, despite a few mechanical difficulties along the way! Rally, repair, repeat!

The Stars and Stripes is always a crowd favorite.


Congratulations to Erin Stahl and Marty Smith, another Spirit of Stahls’ team for their finish in the Great Race 2021.

Erin and Marty returned to the Great Race 2021 in the 1962 Chevy Nova 400, which they also drove in the 2019 Great Race.

It was a fantastic journey for Dan Stahl and Brad Phillips, happy to pull out a 17th overall finish despite many mechanical problems along the route.

On the last leg of the rally, Brad Phillips and Dan Stahl finished in 1st place in the Sportsman division and 3rd place for all teams!

The father and son team of Brett and Noah Stahl had another fantastic Great Race experience, earning multiple aces along the route and a very respectable final finish.

Noah Stahl shows off two aces earned! Aces represent a perfect score on a portion of the rally route.

Welcome to the Great Race 2021 finish line in Greenville, South Carolina, Brett and Noah! You made it!

Mary and I were thankful to finish and look forward to participating next year.

Another Great Race in the books. A big thank you to Magic Dave, who is an incredible member of our support team.

Tracking Our Route

This year we got to view our progress on the route with Relive route watch technology. Look at how crazy this day’s route was. Click here to view.

To learn more about the Great Race, please check out the blogs on their official website, 

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