$10,000 Paid for Led Zeppelin T-Shirt

$10,000 paid for Led Zeppelin concert T-shirt!

Heard on the radio this morning that someone paid a very high price, $10,000 for a vintage rock t-shirt. On eBay. Possibly a one-of-a-kind, it’s something that Led Zeppelin produced for a concert series in England. They didn’t want to give out back stage passes, instead they printed these “back-stage pass” t-shirts. Printed in 1979, the owner that sold the shirt paid $123 for it when he bought it from the owners of the print shop that printed the shirts. Pretty good return on investment. The only thing that’s known about the new owner of the shirt is that he’s from Australia. Just goes to show you you need to be careful when cleaning out your closets. Great idea from the band by the way. Limited edition t-shirts. Perfect heat printing project.


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