Big Hotronix Delivery

These custom Hotronix Air Swinger heat presses are all headed to one customer. It’s a surprise since we usually don’t ship this way!

It’s time to get back to business! And for some heat printing businesses, that means in a big way. Most people would be surprised at how many of the custom garments being sold in the world are decorated with some form of heat printing. This truck is loaded and on its way to a commercial customer that already has just as many Hotronix presses currently in use. They needed more! Since we were on our way to pay a visit, we decided to surprise them with their latest order, as well as help them save on shipping and crating costs. Don’t worry, all the presses are bolted to the floor of the truck. Keep in mind this is not the usual way we ship machines, but we thought this truckload of custom Hotronix Air Swingers was a sight to behold.

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