CADWorxlive Lets Steelers’ Fans See Instant Customization

It took me seconds to customize this jersey and see the results online. Try it for yourself. It's driven by technology developed by GroupeSTAHL for

While the Pittsburgh Steelers may have lost the big game, new GroupeSTAHL technology is helping them capture untapped merchandising revenue and giving online customers what they want–the ability to see what their customized jersey will look like BEFORE they purchase it! Their official website uses technology to make it possible.

Most of our customers know as the ground-breaking online graphics application we launched in 2009. At the heart of is the CadX engine. This engine allows us to create interactive websites where customers can customize and view artwork, all online.

In our partnership with the Steelers, their website uses the CadX engine to allow customers to input their name and/or number and see what the garment will look like instantly. Once they have the design finished, customers hit preview to see the jersey, like I did with mine in this snapshot. Then you  can either order the custom replica garment or choose to have an NFL authentic jersey sent directly to them.

We have found that the average customer needs to see what a customized garment will look like before they have the confidence to purchase it online. CadX makes that all possible. Look for this exciting technology to pop up with other teams, sports and businesses very soon.

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  1. Peggy Dwyer says:

    How very cool! I use frequently, with Great Garment Graphics – to see it in action on an ordering site is awesome!

  2. Ken Maurer says:

    This is very cool are any other NFL Teams going to be using this any time soon on their websites?

  3. Ted says:

    CADWorx will be powering customization kiosks for many pro sports teams!

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