Create Athletic Looks with Silicone Vinyl

A customer on Facebook was asking how to best replicate this type of raised, rubbery logo. (We are not talking about replicating the licensed logo itself, just the feel of the logo)

We are always being asked how to create the looks you may find in a local sporting goods store on high-end performance wear. Not how to replicate licensed logos, but how to get the same look with your own custom logo. If you are also wondering, the answer is CAD-CUT Silicone Dye-Block™ Heat Transfer Vinyl. It’s one of the most sought-after heat printing materials right now and we have it. This an extremely popular look right now and it can also be applied on fabrics that are sublimated. There are so many team jerseys that are made from sublimated fabrics and Silicone Dye-Block Heat Transfer Vinyl is an excellent solution for adding names and numbers to these garments. To learn more, this video featuring heat printing expert Josh Ellsworth shows you how.

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