Create Combo Packages to Sell More

Bob Robinson and Jenna Sackett discuss a variety of ways to package custom printed items to increase your profitability and sell more! This segment originally aired May 14th, 2018 live on StahlsTV Morning Show.

One classic way to increase sales of custom printed items is to sell more to your existing customers. If you own a heat press, you can print just about anything that fits under the press. Although this sounds like a great idea on paper, you’ll need to put some thought behind it in order for it to work. On the May 14th StahlsTV Morning Show, Bob and Jenna discuss various ways to create “packages.” For example, if you are already selling a team their jerseys, why not offer customization on the entire uniform, including the pants, socks or even practice jerseys? And what about a spirit package for fans? If you are able to make it easy for your customers to make buying decisions, you will see an increase in sales. Here’s what Jenna and Bob have to say on the topic.

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