Creative Team Numbering Ideas Part 1


You can create custom looks quickly and easily by combining pre-cut numbers with pre-spaced numbers. This example shows using black Varsity pre-cut number as a background, with orange Varsity Fade pre-spaced numbers as the foreground. A similar effect can be achieved by pairing Titan pre-cuts with Titan Stenciled or Titan Striped pre-spaced numbers. The video here shows you how to do it.

 It’s that time of year, where you need to print the best looking jerseys for your spring teams. Why not kick things up a notch with these easy and exciting new ways to heat print team numbersIf you are looking for more creative ways to decorate team jerseys with heat transfers, did you know you can combine Stahls’ pre-spaced numbers with our pre-cut styles? This video from shows you how easy it is. I’ll be sharing more creative Team Printing ideas very soon. 

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