Customer Driven or Driving Customers?

Excuse the title of this blog post, “Customer Driven or Driving Customers.”  I couldn’t resist the play on words, since Mary and I had the opportunity to literally drive some of our customers around during the 2013 Great Race. This short video was put together for an ASI panel discussion that took place on September 16th about branding and social media. Carleen Gray represented on behalf of GroupeSTAHL. She used the video to show how we shared the personality of our brand with our customers. What does this video say about Stahls’?  Our participation in the Great Race says that we enjoy a challenge, that we embrace the unusual and that we aren’t afraid of the hard work and dedication it takes to participate in a 10 day long, 2,000 mile road rally. It puts a human face on those capabilities. In addition it gives our internal team something to celebrate. During the race we do everything we can—from providing daily updates to distributing t-shirts and caps to hosting pizza parties—so that team members can participate even if they’re not riding along in the car. It helps boost team morale by putting some fun in the work day. Sharing this event with our customers also helps them to know us, and hopefully like us better. As the old marketing adage goes, “people like to buy from people they know.” We hope that sharing our Great Race experience helps our customers feel they know us a little better. The Great Race is very exciting in its own right, but anytime you get to spend quality time with your customers is a true learning experience for me. Even though the company and the customers had fun with it, I had some major takeaways with what is really happening with our customers and the chance to learn about the opportunities we have to assist them in reaching their goals. We are looking forward to sharing this event with more customers next year during the Great Race 2015. The theme is “Get Your Kicks on Route 66” and will travel from Missouri to California along historic route 66. Watch for more information in the spring of 2015.

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