Facing the Storm


I’m not an artist but I created this design in about 3 minutes using Cadworxlive.com. If you want to create a t-shirt that can be used to raise funds or for any other reason, Cadworxlive.com is where you can create art for cutters or printer/cutters.

To all our customers, team members and friends and family who have been affected by the power outtages, strong winds and water surges along the Eastern seaboard due to Hurricane (or is it now Tropical Storm) Sandy. Hard to believe the images coming out of Atlantic City, Manhattan and all along the coast. You are in our thoughts and prayers. There will be much to do to clean up and rebuild.  If you’re thinking you can help with a fundraiser, t-shirts are always a great way to both recognize people and raise funds. And remember you can go to cadworxlive.com to create both simple or complicated full color artwork. I made this design in about 3 minutes. Best of luck to everyone out there.

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