Family Christmas at Transfer Express


Managers Jason, Cheryl, Ivan, and Sue served the first round of employee lunches. The line was all the way down the hall!

Special thanks to Andy Curtiss at Transfer Express for providing the photos and writing this post. It is so well written I had to share.

BY ANDY CURTISS: Fam·il·y, noun : a group of people united by certain convictions or a common affiliation. At least that’s one of the definitions that Myriam Webster gives us on what is a family. We know that family is deeper than just this definition though – we live it every day. Many of us across GroupeSTAHL see our co-workers as much, if not more, than our families at home. So honestly, by all definitions, we are a family – just a different kind. But the beauty of places like Stahls, Transfer Express, and the other Groupe family companies is that we know this already. Even if we’ve never sat here and thought about, “What is the definition of family?” We still know that we’re a family. We feel it everytime a co-worker comes in pictures of their new Grandbaby, like Dottie last week (such a little cutie, Dottie!). We also feel that connection when someone needs to leave us to start the next chapter of their lives in a new place with a new family – we’ll miss you Christine! And we don’t need to say, “Keep in touch.” Because real families know they will keep in touch. We also feel that bond when hard times come knocking. When illness or tragedy comes around we don’t even think about it… we come to each other’s aid. Kathleen’s house may have burned down, but we didn’t stop to wonder what family was… or how we felt about our connection with Kathleen. We came together… and we raised over $3,000.00. Then Stahls and Transfer Express matched that over $3,000.00 with a donation of their own. Because we’re family.

Christmas time is a great reason for us to reflect on our families and be thankful for the people with whom we share our lives. To mark this here at Transfer Express we celebrated on December 17th. Because we wanted to show how thankful we are for having such amazing family members, we pulled out all the stops. We have construction happening here at Transfer Express (because we can’t seem to stop growing). But we didn’t let a little dust stop us! Every clean surface has been decorated to celebrate the Christmas season. Trees, ornaments, ribbons, poinsettias, twinkle lights, and even a blow up Santa Claus camping out in the Learning & Development department window. We catered a big lunch for our work family – roast beef, Italian chicken, pasta, egg rolls, and more! And the senior managers took up aprons, tongs, and Santa hats to serve all the employees. Rumor has it several managers were even singing and dancing to Christmas Carols as they served (quite a sight to behold!).

We a truly lucky to have such a caring and dedicated family… not just here at Transfer Express, but at GroupeSTAHL in general. Merry Christmas to all!


Our new stocking exchange program has a lot of fun – especially with our new fireplace, courtesy of our own Cad-Printz Wall Graphics!


Our 2nd shift AND 3rd shift crews also got good, fresh food served by management! Jessica and her crew approve!


Patricia, our Accounting Administrative Assistant, won our ugly sweater contest! It’s certainly very… different…

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