FREE Personalized Apparel Video for Your Website

If you want to show people what you do, you probably have a website. But do you have a video? Now you do! This unbranded promo video is available on YouTube and you can easily embed it in an email or use on your website. Take a look and see all the things you can do…and all the different ways you can decorate garments if you own a heat press! A great way to market your custom t-shirts and personalized apparel services. If a picture is worth a thousand words, how many words is  a video worth? You’ve always talked about showing people all the things you can do, now this video does it for you. From reflective to glitter to holographic..if you have a heat press, you can offer it to your customers.

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  1. Just posted this on our facebook page. Gives a very good over view on different applications & styles. Have had good comments as well as assisting a few customers with design ideas.
    Thank You!

    Rick Crane
    Imaging Supply Printing & Graphics
    Cordele, Ga.

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