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Custom transfers are a fast, mess-free and extremely profitable way to create custom t-shirts. You can order custom transfers from Transfer Express.

Get started with custom transfers. Did you know printing a t-shirt can be as simple as positioning a transfer on the t-shirt? Close your heat press for the correct time and that’s all you need to do. The finished shirt looks amazing and you are officially a t-shirt printer. Transfers are known as one of the easiest ways to get started. No expertise is required and art skills are optional. Looking for a fast way to start a t-shirt business? Think about using custom transfers. All you need is a reliable heat press and about three feet of counter space. It’s quick, it’s clean and there is no learning curve or expensive equipment. You don’t have to worry about getting rid of or storing messy inks.

You can order custom transfers from Stahls’ Transfer Express, the world’s largest and most reliable printer for custom transfers.

If you’re still wondering if custom transfers are the right way to go, let’s review the top five reasons to use custom transfers:

  1. Print On-Demand

You can print a shirt in just seconds with a transfer and a heat press. There’s no need to screen print onto garments that you may or may not sell. Print what you need, as you sell it.

  1. Easy to Use

Just position and press. You have a professional looking printed shirt.

  1. Great Profit Margins

With custom transfers, you can say yes to orders that don’t make sense to screen print. Many of our customers are screen printers who use our transfers when firing up the presses costs more money then they would earn on the job. Every job is profitable when you use transfers.

  1. No Artwork Necessary

You can use the FREE online designer at Transfer Express with thousands of templates, clip art and fonts. Have finished art? Easy to upload.

  1. Inexpensive Way to Start a Business

All you need is a heat press and you are in business. With custom transfers, you can print t-shirts, sweatshirts, masks and more. There’s no learning curve, no messy inks, no expensive equipment to buy. It’s clean, easy and fun.

Who Sells Custom Transfers?

If you want to get started printing shirts with custom transfers, Stahls’ Transfer Express is the number one choice. You can request your free samples and learn more about custom transfers. This short video below shows you what you will get after setting up your free Transfer Express account. Here is a link to a slightly longer how-to video that shows you more about custom transfers from Transfer Express.

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