Getting Ready for the NFL Draft

2015 Draft team

Our team will be behind the scenes at the upcoming NFL Draft in Chicago next week, heat printing the jerseys that are handed to the players as they are called up on the podium.

Next week we will have a team at the NFL Draft in Chicago, as we have since 2012, when we successfully printed the personalized jersey handed to Andrew Luck as he was drafted by the Indianapolis Colts. This was the first time the NFL ever presented a draftee with a personalized jersey (previously they would just receive a jersey with a number on it) and our heat printing skills made it happen. Ever since then, we’ve worked with Nike  behind the scenes at the NFL Draft, helping make that moment even more special for the player being drafted. How do we do it? A three person team from STAHLS’, led by Account Executive Brent Kisha, creates the players’ personalized jerseys in less than two minutes — from the moment a player is drafted to the time they walk across the stage in their newly minted uniform – heat printed using STAHLS’ proprietary equipment and materials. It’s quite an intense process, since we have to create nameplates to match each team jersey font and color for prospects in advance of the Draft. Once the name is called, we simply heat print the name on and it’s done in under two minutes. There is a lot of interest and excitement in this process and earlier this week we had several television crews at our Sterling Heights location reporting on our involvement. Click here or on the picture below to see the televised footage.

We are ready for the NFL Draft!

We are ready for the NFL Draft!


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