Great Race 2023 June 30-July 2

Congratulations to Howard and Doug Sharp, the Grand Champions of the Great Race 2023. This photo is courtesy of the Great Race blog.

It’s been a crazy three days and the Great Race 2023 is now in the books. Mary and I are happy to say “We Finished!” It was certainly a very challenging, some may call it “grueling,” nine-day, 2,300-mile adventure. Here is what has been happening the last few days:


In my most recent post, we talked about the hot weather and challenging conditions on Stage 6. But Trevor and Josh prevailed and were the overall winners of this leg.  So there was cause to celebrate. However, after arriving in Wichita, we found out the following about Brett and Noah’s Auburn. This is from Sarah Stahls’ Facebook page:

We made it to Wichita, Kansas! This is a special post, as it will be the last post concerning updates about the Stahls Father/Son Team. We are thankful they made it safely to the beautiful over night stop on the Arkansas River. At 8pm it was time for the cars to roll out and that’s when Brett and Noah discovered that their power steering box had broken. This is fixable but not in time to continue the Race. So with that said, we will straighten our backs, wipe our eyes and travel along with the Great Race, supporting and celebrating the rest of the family—-Team Stahl Racers.


Photo from Sarah Stahl as we crossed Kansas. Amazing weather vistas.


With Brett and Noah now acting as support team members, they continued along the route and onward to Colorado. But first, we had to get across Kansas and head towards Garden City.  After a few loops and quick turns in the morning, it was cornfields and cows on a long, straight run into Great Bend, Kansas for lunch. We had the chance to visit the Brit-Spaugh Zoo, meet some locals and enjoy grilled burgers and hot dogs. and we had an awesome turnout of local folks on hand. The long straight drive continued but the crowds still came out to watch us go by whenever we passed through a small town. In one town, the local convenience store enticed onlookers by offering them free ice cream!  Heading into Garden City for the evening stop we got to experience some amazing weather patterns. It was truly Americana at its finest.


Finally getting into Colorado, on the final leg of what is known as the Championship run.  None of the scoring legs of the final two days can be thrown out. Trevor and Josh were the leaders heading into Stage 8. Unfortunately, after they finished rallying for the day, they were involved in a collision with someone not involved in the Great Race.  Apparently someone tried to illegally pass them as they were making a left turn. According to witnesses, they were actually lucky, it could have been much worse. The important thing is, both Trevor and Josh are okay.  But naturally they are disappointed to have this race-ending experience so close to the finish line in Colorado Springs.


The final half day of rallying was not easy. We had a very interesting, high-skills required half-day course to finish out the 2023 course. But afterwards, we had the opportunity to cruise to the finish line through some of the country’s most beautiful landscape. It’s called the Garden of the Gods. And it was truly spectacular. We were glad to finally cross the finish line in Colorado Springs to a welcoming crowd. For the second time during the race, crazy winds whipped up suddenly and we all had to take cover. The finish line blow-up arch also took a beating! We had a wonderful time at the awards dinner. Thank you to all the Great Race folks who do such an amazing job.

Garden of the Gods in Colorado Springs, Colorado. Pure natural beauty.

Stunning vistas

We made it to Colorado Springs! To finish is to win!

Thankful for all your support. We made it.

Stars and Stripes joined us at the finish line!

Dan and Brad crossing the finish line in Colorado Springs.

You keep us smiling Brad Phillips!

A crowd favorite!

Josh and Trevor received the ACE WINNER award for the most aces earned during the Great Race 2023. Congratulations!

As we wrap up another Great Race, we are thankful for the time spent with family and Great Race friends. It was truly the time of our lives. Wishing everyone a very safe and happy 4th of July celebration wherever you may be. Thanks for following along.

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