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If you’re a fan of podcasts, now there’s a podcast that talks about something you might be really interested in…How to Grow Your Heat Printing Business. In this debut podcast, Josh Ellsworth chats with Gina Seibel of KC Swagger Shop.  KC Swagger Shop is a custom garment business that Gina started as a “side hustle” while she was still employed. Now she is a full time entrepreneur and business owner. Since starting in 2015 Gina has experienced growth every year.  Josh speaks with her journey into printing and what has made her successful, including practical marketing tips for beginners. To listen, just click here. Make sure you subscribe to the link on the podcast so you will be informed about upcoming episodes as they are produced and aired. Or if you would like to talk about your business with Josh on an episode of Heat Press for Profit, comment below and I will pass on the information to Josh. Congratulations to Josh on a job well done, we are looking forward to upcoming episodes. And thank to to Gina for being our first guest. We wish you continued growth and success with your custom apparel business.

Gina has truly scored a touchdown with so many of her original custom designs. To learn more about her business, listen to the podcast.

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