Happy Anniversary Anne Gojcaj


Ted Stahl, Anne Gojcaj and Chris Lawson on the occasion of Anne’s 35th work anniversary at Stahls’.

In late November we had the opportunity to celebrate the 35th work anniversary of Anne Gojcaj, Director of Stahls’ International. Anne was the very first person I personally hired, so you see there is proof that sometimes I make good decisions. Anne helped develop our international division from ground zero, and we have shared many crazy international travel experiences; from getting lost in Geneva to establishing distributors and offices all over the world. Some of our best brainstorming sessions were written out on airport restaurant napkins or coasters!  Anne was also instrumental in setting up Stahls’ Spanish-speaking customer service center in the U.S. and she still does the strategic planning and oversight required to keep our International Division running smoothly, serving customers and distributors in more than 100 countries worldwide. Thank you for your many years of service Anne, and for always putting the customer first. You are a fantastic example of someone who goes the extra mile to get the job done and we wouldn’t be the company we are today without you. Congratulations on your milestone anniversary.



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