Happy Egg Hunting

Look at that, Easter Eggs personalized with lettering. Wonder how they got them under the heat press?

Our family will not all be together this Easter, but we will still have our traditional Easter egg hunt with a twist for the kids and grandkids that are able to attend. At our house, instead of just hiding the eggs for the kids to find, we hand out clues, making it more of a scavenger hunt with riddles. As the older kids got older, they would make up the clues for the younger siblings and we discovered that their clues were much tougher to solve than anything Mary and I would have come up with. Some eggs were stashed almost a mile away from the house! Whatever your traditions may be, I hope they involve some quality time with family and friends.

In case you are wondering, the tradition of hiding Easter eggs goes back to medieval Easter customs. The eggs that had been set aside and hard boiled during Lent (the period before Easter) became a treat for Easter. Eggs were seen as symbols of new life and the resurrection of Jesus from the cross. It’s possible they were hidden to represent the apostles going to the tomb and finding the risen Lord.

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