1. Pat Baldes says:

    Fireworks just happen to be one of my favorite things in life. The excitement that it brings whether it is on the 4th of July or New Years in Australia is something to revel in. I wish that same excitement to anyone that opens their business and the opportunities the New Year brings as we begin 2012.

    Often we let that excitement fade and loose the enthusiasm let the day to day effort become routine, we are missing so much. Let’s try to keep that excitement in the business as we start each day and light up lives with happiness and success.

  2. Ted says:

    Thanks Pat. Happy New Year to you!

  3. Dick & Joan says:

    Ted, We were too tired to stay up for the New Year festivities but in perusing your blog we came across your HAPPY NEW YEAR fireworks display from Sidney, Australia. WOW, what a treat, By far, it is one of the best displays we have ever seen. What a pleasure. Additionally, we enjoyed your Christmas blog greeting.
    Happy New Year and God bless to you and the Stahl family.

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