Heat Printing Hacks


If you own a heat press, make sure you watch this how-to video featuring heat printing expert Josh Ellsworth .

Whether you are new to heat transfers or have been using them for many years, this video featuring heat printing expert Josh Ellsworth, shows you ways to save time and get better results with your custom garment decoration. Some people call them “hacks” some call them tips, tricks or shortcuts. Whatever you want to call them, this video shows you how to use your heat press with more efficiency, how to weed CAD-CUT heat transfer vinyls faster and easier, how to position logos and much more. If there is anyone who knows his way around a heat press, it’s Josh. He’s been teaching people how to heat print for over 15 years and he practically grew up in the Hotronix heat press manufacturing plant! If you’ve been wondering how to work faster and print more shirts with better quality, Josh has the “hacks” for you.

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