Heat Printing Reality Show Airs

Don't miss the first episode of Blue Print!

Don’t miss the first episode of Blue Print!

We are very excited to share our first episode of StahlsTV new “reality” show, Blue Print. It’s finally ready for viewing. Here are some details on the first episode: In this episode, Stahls’ TV steps inside Moose’s Enterprises, an apparel decoration shop in a small town in North Central Pennsylvania.  Learn about their successes, challenges and aspirations as we work to help them build a better business.

One of the goals of Blue Print is to show you what it takes to build a successful decorated apparel business.

·         Some of Moose’s Enterprises top struggles with heat printing.

·         A testing process to find the real printing issues and ways to solve them.

·         Ways to increase capacity with embroidery

·         Ideas for storage and organization.

·         A typical journey of a relatively new and growing print shop

Watch the Stahls’ TV Blueprint, episode 1 at this link: Let us know how you like it. And let us know if you would like to participate in an episode in the future.

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