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Discover what’s new for your heat printing business in 2018 from Stahls’.

It’s January 2018. Most of you haven’t missed a beat in providing your customers with top quality personalized garments. It seems there is no such thing as a “slow season” anymore. In fact, the real busy season–spring–is just on the horizon. You’re working more and harder than ever before and you need a partner that can keep up. Stahls’ wants to continue to be that partner. And to that end we have been working harder than ever to develop and introduce the products and services you need to succeed in 2018. We’ll be providing more information as each product launches, but we wanted to give you a sneak preview of what is coming up.

Coming Soon…Hotronix Fusion IQ™
If you thought you’d seen everything when it comes to high-tech heat printing, think again. Later this month we will be introducing the latest innovation from Stahls’ Hotronix.

You’ve heard of smart phones? How about a data-driven heat press that can communicate with you? You read that correctly. We are going to be introducing a heat press that can provide you with real time insight into application errors, technical troubleshooting, accurate application instructions, and better visibility into the productivity of your shop. It can even be monitored remotely! With this press on your shop floor, you’ll be able to make proactive, data-based decisions to improve the efficiency of your operators, and your entire shop. The new Fusion IQ  offers all the precise and accurate heat printing you’ve come to expect from Stahls’ Hotronix but with a technological twist that no one else in the world offers. The best heat press on the market is now the smartest.

AquaTru™ Dye-Block™
Looking for transfers that block dye migration? Stahls’ AquaTru Dye-Block is the solution.

Another Stahls’ exclusive, Stahls’ proprietary heat transfer ink formula makes AquaTru Dye-Block the answer to heat application on sublimated and synthetic garments without dye migration. Now you can get the numbers, letters and logos you need to heat apply on any garment. It doesn’t matter how dye saturated, stretchy or heat-sensitive those garments may be. You can print with confidence and get a professional result every time.

Just what you need for hard goods and promo-items: NEW CAD-CUT® PS Sign Vinyl
Now you can order pressure sensitive and heat transfer vinyl from Stahls’ in one order!

If you use a cutter to create monograms or lettering to decorate home decor items, plaques, wall signs or just about anything, you need pressure sensitive vinyl. Stahls’ now carries a complete line of pressure sensitive vinyl. This means you can get everything you need for your business with one invoice, one shipping charge, and easy ordering.

Coming Soon! Easy Online Re-Orders
We’re busy getting ready to launch a new, streamlined way for you to quickly place re-orders online. Watch for news about the interface coming in early 2018.

At Stahls’ we’re obsessed with making it easier for you to do business with us. One thing many of you have requested is the ability to quickly place re-orders online. You’re going to really appreciate this new feature on our website and we’ll let you know when it is up and running.

CAD-CUT® Patterns Enhancements
In 2017 we launched CAD-CUT Patterns and the response has been terrific.

In 2018 we’ll be adding more designer collections from your favorite artists, including patterned glitter and more. We’re excited to show you what’s in store.
Watch the CAD-CUT Patterns ordering wizard for updates.

New CAD-CUT® Fashion-FILM® Colors
We are introducing new colors of our best selling CAD-CUT Fashion-FILM heat transfer vinyl.

If you’re always looking for the latest in color trends, we are introducing the hottest color hues of 2018 to help you design the most up to date designs for your customers.
New colors include: Metallic Rose Gold, Pastel Yellow, Greenery, Amethyst, Light Coral, Bahama Blue, Metallic Black, and Mint.

New CAD-COLOR® Glitter
This new, printable glitter material can be printed with an eco-solvent print/cut system.

If you own a printer/cutter, you have to see how you can use it to create multi-color designs on glitter. The new material option will also be available in CAD-CUT Patterns, including the new SparkleBerry patterns, which means you can order SparkleBerry glitter designs.

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  1. Dennis Santos says:


    I am based here in dubai UAE. And I looking for supplier of polyurethane vinyl here in dubai market? It was shown in some your video’s that, it is safe to use the polyurethane vinyl for laser cutting machine rather than the PVC vinyl.

    I would highly appreciate if someone can recommend me a supplier locally.



    Dennis Santos

  2. Ted says:

    Hello Dennis,
    Thanks for reading. Someone from our international department will be contacting you if they haven’t already.

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