How to Add Glitter Logos to Dancewear

It’s easy to make dancewear that pops with CAD-CUT Glitter FLAKE and your heat press.

If you’re looking for a information on How to Add Glitter Logos to Dancewear, please read this article. It was originally published in the Winter 2022 issue of How to Make It in the T-shirt Business. T-shirt printing expert Sarah Gulock shares extensive how-to information along with inspiring photos and tips. Here is an excerpt. To read the full article click here. 


Spring into Glitter Flake

Dancewear Decoration Ideas

By Sarah Gulock

Dance and glitter – two things that are destined for each other! Whether you’re decorating for a dance studio or a dance team, it’s important for teams to get noticed on and off the stage. Add a sparkly touch to personalized dance apparel and accessories with CAD-CUT ® Glitter Flake™ heat transfer vinyl. Help your dance teams stand out from the competition and increase your sales.


CAD-CUT Glitter Flake is much prettier than your normal heat transfer vinyl, but it works just the same. It can be easily cut and applied using any vinyl cutter and heat press. It’s also tougher than it looks– with a true textured glitter finish that won’t flake off, Glitter Flake lasts all season long while maintaining optimal

Plus, with over 60 (yes, 60!) vibrant colors to choose from, Glitter Flake makes it easy to create custom apparel unique for each team or group. The possibilities with Glitter Flake really are endless, but let’s go through some easy-to-create dance items you can offer to your local dance teams and studios.


Add a little sparkle with CAD-CUT Glitter Flake HTV to create unique looks that can be worn in and outside of practice. Bling up a basic t-shirt or tank with a team name or dance phrase using a trendy font style.

Go full bling mode with all Glitter Flake, or pair with another HTV material for a unique mixed-media finish.

Use Instead of Rhinestones

No matter the type or style of dance, rhinestones are typically the bling of choice for sparkling up a dance wardrobe. However, the tediousness that goes behind working with templates and stones can become daunting and time consuming.

Glitter Flake is a great solution to achieving the same look and feel of rhinestones without sacrificing any of the desired sparkle. This alternative also allows you to decorate lighter weight garments without the heavy feeling of rhinestones.

You can create faux rhinestone looks with CAD-CUT GlitterFLAKE.

To read the full article and see all the photos, you will find in in the Winter How to Make IT issue.

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