How to Choose the Right Reflective HTV

You have choices when it comes to reflective heat transfer vinyls for application on garments. This handy chart shows you how to choose.

If you’ve always wanted to try reflective heat transfer materials but weren’t sure which one was correct for your specific application, Stahls’ has created a comparison chart to make things easier. As you know, there are different requirements for reflective materials, particularly if you are creating official garments for first responders, fire fighters, police departments, etc… Or you may want to create items for use by runners or school children to help them be more visible during darkened conditions. You don’t always have to use the most expensive reflective heat transfer material. This helpful chart shows you all the options available from Stahls’ and explains the differences. For example, if you are creating custom vests or shirts for safety regulated markets that require certification, 3M Scotchlite 5807 is a great choice. For non-certified applications, you can choose from CAD-CUT Reflective or CAD-CUT Reflective II.

For more information on choosing the right reflective heat transfer vinyl for your job, you can always call Stahls’.

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