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Tune into Stahls' TV on July 21st to learn profitable ways to use your heat press and cutter.

Tune into Stahls’ TV on July 21st to learn profitable ways to use your heat press and cutter.

If you own a heat press and are looking for profitable heat printing ideas, as well as time saving tips for all types of transfer application, don’t miss Courtney Matlick’s Stahls’ TV live presentation, Heat Press Success on July 21st, from 8:00 to 9:30 am EST.

In this class you will learn:

  • How to Load Virtually any Item onto your press for Decorating
  • The Difference between Cover Sheets and when to use which one
  • How to Choose the perfect heat transfer for your job
  • How to make money with Number and Letter personalization
  • How to heat apply Bling effects
  • How to heat apply foil
  • How to make the most of your Rhinestone transfer options
  • How to achieve fashionable finishes with Distressed transfers
  • And more…

Also on July 21st, at 11:00 am, Courtney will host “Stahls’ Vinyl Cutter Success Class for Apparel Decoration,” If you’ve ever thought about adding a cutter to your business, don’t miss this class. You’ll finish this class realizing you either need to purchase a cutter or take yours out of the box and start using it! We are always shocked at how many people own cutters but don’t know how to turn them into profit centers. This class will change all that and inspire you to start cutting.

To register today, visit the Events page on Stahls’ website.

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  1. Fenton says:

    Hi Ted,
    I’m constantly following your blog and recently I was reading an article about doing business and thought of you when I read these points…
    1. Re-focus marketing strategy
    2. Solve customer’s problems
    3. Be more distinctive & unique
    4. Build a world class brand
    5. Get in client’s faces and tell them the real deal
    6. Make people think differently
    7. Look like what you want to charge
    8. Offer more lasting value-adds
    9. Create community and connection
    10. Charge what you’re worth

    I’m not sure about number 5. Have a fantastic day

  2. Wow!: That’s awsome, watching u guys on tv! I have been busy, not good! I hope to see you all this year at the show.
    Rosary McCaskill/ THE RULE

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