How To Expand Your Business Beyond T-Shirts

Yes, you can use your heat press to print on shoes. Bob Robinson of StahlsTV shows you how to print on shoes as well as many other items besides T-shirts.

If you’ve always wondered how to expand your heat printing business beyond t-shirts, Bob Robinson of StahlsTV has some answers. We always say, if you can put it under a heat press, you can probably print it. One thing we are often asked is how to print numbers on shoes. We can show you how. While it is simple, you will need to know some heat printing techniques in order to get good results. You’ll need to know how to work with different sized platens, how to use pads and pillows and other accessories. It’s difficult to print a shoe without a specialty heat platen. Even if you want to know something simple, like printing numbers on sleeves of football uniforms, it helps to have seen it done first. This video is well worth the time and has received many positive reviews and comments since it first aired back in December 2016. StahlsTV also has informational videos on heat printing just about anything, so please check the site if you are ever looking for heat printing answers.

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