How to Find More Customers

How to find more customers? Consider your favorite hobbies, such as Classic Cars. There are thousands of classic car lovers out there every weekend at meet ups and car shows. They want shirts! For more great classic car transfer ideas, check out the Easy View Designer at Transfer Express.

How to Find More Customers

Do you want to sell more T-shirts? You have two options. First of all, you can sell MORE to customers you already have. Or, you can focus on finding MORE customers.

Most people are always looking for more customers. If you need ideas on how to find more customers, one of the best marketing techniques is finding a niche.

What’s a niche? By definition, it’s a specialized segment of the market for a particular kind of product or service. In short, it’s what you do best. Or what you would like to do best!

It Could be a Product You Sell

Your niche can be something you are good at, such as printing numbers on shirts. Or perhaps it’s printing stickers. Maybe you specialize in bling, glitter and foil designs.

That’s right. Niches can be products. Niches can also be services. Your niche can be that you’re the only custom t-shirt store in your town. Or the only one that is open evenings. The beauty of finding a niche is that it can be what you want it to be. You can decide. You can have fun with it.

Your Niche Can be a Customer Type

Your niche could also be catering to a certain type of customer. For example, you could specialize in printing horse blankets. Another example might be specializing in family reunion designs. Another idea is selling custom shirts to classic car buffs. Start with things you like to do and go from there. Maybe it’s doll clothes or baby blankets.

Find your niche

Do you have a niche? To be successful you need to find a need in the marketplace and fill it. Make a list of the services you offer on one side of the paper. Make a list of who needs these services on the other side. Not sure about what you can print with a heat press? For a great list that Stahls’ has put together, click here.

Examples of Niches from Transfer Express

Transfer Express can help you print transfers for just about any niche. Here is a list of niche markets they put together.

Businesses (Promotional, Tourist souvenir, Retail Fashion)
Schools (Band and Sports Boosters, Cheer and Dance)
Organizations (Civic groups, Clubs, Special Interests)
Athletic (Teams, Leagues, Tournaments)
Government Services (EMT, Fire Dept., Police, Army, Air Force, Navy, Marines, Coast Guard)
Events (Concerts, Festivals, Reunions, Car Shows, Fairs)

The list goes on and on…

What’s Your Niche?

We’d love to hear about your special niche. What are you doing to promote your business this spring? If you are looking for more ideas, check out Stahls’ Resources. 

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