How to Grow Your Business with Transfers

Gidley Grafx started in Eric’s basement and he hopes to expand soon.

If you’ve always wondered how to grow your t-shirt business using custom transfers, you’re not alone. Transfer Express has started a new blog series that highlights customers who have been successful using transfers to print t-shirts. In the first installment of the blog, they take a look at Gidley GRAFX. In this story, you will learn how owner Eric Gidley started his business with a cutter. Eric used his cutter to and heat transfer vinyls to print shirts, as well as create decals. However whenever larger orders were requested, Eric wasn’t sure how to get the job done. Luckily, he learned about Transfer Express and the rest is history. Eric now confidently uses custom transfers to print orders, also taking advantage of same day shipping on one color orders for Easy Prints. To read more about Eric’s journey with custom t-shirt printing, check out the blog post. If you are a Transfer Express dealer and would like to be featured in an upcoming ImPRESSive Dealer Spotlight, leave a comment and we will have someone contact you.

Learn more about how Eric Gidley grew his custom shirt business using Transfer Express custom transfers.

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