How to Heat Print Monograms

How to heat print monograms

Your Complete Guide to Printing Monograms is available to download for FREE.

Monograms are the bread and butter for many custom apparel stores. A monogram turns any item into a very special gift. They are what is known as classic, something that never really goes out of style. If you’ve always wanted to offer the service of monograms, but didn’t know where to start, this FREE, downloadable booklet from Stahls’ is an excellent reference. The Complete Guide to Printing Monograms shows you how to use your heat press and vinyl cutter machine to create monograms. The information packed into these 13 pages is substantial and most likely answers everything you ever wanted to know about creating and heat printing monograms. Heat printing is the ideal method for monograms, especially with the wide variety of heat transfer vinyls available. If you want more information on how to monogram, you can also watch this video from Stahls’ TV.

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  1. jeff coons says:

    do you have samples you can send us to apply on items at our shop to create an interest with our customers?

  2. Ted says:

    Hi Jeff,
    Someone from Stahls’ will contact you about getting samples. Thanks for reading. Or you can call 800-4-STAHLS, or sign up for an account at and request samples online.
    We wish you all the best in your promo business. Great name and logo!

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