How To Info for New T-Shirt Business

Read the digital version of How to Make It in the T-Shirt Business today.

Are you looking for how to info for a new T-shirt business? If you are thinking about starting a T-shirt business or have just started one, there’s a digital magazine for you. It’s called How To Make It in the T-shirt Business.

How to Info for New T-shirt Business

Every issue of Make It magazine can be found online. Inside each issue there are articles written by garment decoration experts. They will show you how to use CAD-CUT Heat Transfer Vinyl and custom transfers to create personalized items, including T-shirts, bags, home decor and more.

You will see real life examples of how to use your heat press to decorate a wide variety of items.

Spring Issue Now Available

For example, in the most recent Spring 2022 issue you can find articles on making custom swag for weddings. You will also find an article on printing for teams.

Learn about Color Changing UV Shift HTV

In addition, garment decoration expert Sarah Gulock shows you how to use an exciting new heat transfer vinyl called CAD-CUT UV Shift. There’s also an article on how to position logos on different sized shirts, as well as how to organize your home based business.

The Best Part

What’s more, the best part about the digital version of Make It magazine is links! Each issue has dozens of links to more information. You can watch a video by Dane Clement on how to create custom artwork for summer. You can download a free Ebook about design placement.

There is a lot to learn and discover.

Overall, we hope you enjoy the Spring issue. Make sure you subscribe in order to continue receiving How to Make It in the T-shirt Business.


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  1. Angie White says:

    Thanks so much for all the information. You are very helpful to someone who is tryin gto learn all the new ways to decorate shirts.

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