How to Keep White Numbers White on Polyester Jerseys

There’s actually only one thing you need to know in order to keep your white numbers from changing colors–use Stahls’ Thermo-FILM. Nothing against the color pink but who wants pink numbers when they are supposed to be white? Josh Ellsworth does an excellent job of explaining how to prevent low bleed dye migration from certain polyester garments (which means MOST athletic jerseys). He also explains the difference between a dye-sublimated garment (which requires a totally different type of heat printed graphic) and a dyed-polyester garment. Do you know the difference? Watch his very informative video for a complete explanation on how to prevent white numbers from turning pink, grey, or any color they’re not supposed to be. There are many reasons why Thermo-FILM is the world’s best selling heat transfer material for team uniforms, but this is one of the most important reasons for many decorators.

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