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Kaitlyn sent me a snapshot of custom CAD-CUT lettering heat printed on an oversized sweater.

Kaitlyn sent me a snapshot of custom CAD-CUT lettering heat printed on an oversized sweater.

Kaitlyn, who helped out on the post about Monogram Mania, sent me this yesterday :

“Just saw the blog post on spirit jerseys, so I thought I’d send you this. I made an itty-bitty spirit jersey for a two-year old. One of our customers was getting a bunch of the full-sized ‘MERICA spirit jerseys for her family, but obviously they don’t come small enough for a two-year old. The customer brought in a little white sweater and I mimicked the style and font. I’ve also been personalizing oversized sweaters with people’s last name in the same manner (arched out over the shoulder blades). Since oversized sweaters are a popular trend for my age, it’s just another way to profit on that.”

Also, not sure if you saw the comments from yesterdays posting, thanks Mark Merola for offering up these how-to tips on heat printing BIG lettering.  Mark says:

“I’ve done this type of printing a few times. Because the print is larger than the heat press, I do a little improvising. I lay the garment out on a piece of cardboard on a table, with the arms spread out. I then take the graphic that I cut, and lay it out where I want it printed. Once it’s where I want it, I use my blue heat tape and tape it in position so it doesn’t move. I will then move the cardboard/garment to my heat press (carefully), then just heat tack everything into place. After everything is tacked into place, I do the full press (without the cardboard). You’ll have to press it a couple of times because you will have to shift the garment to get both arms, the body, etc.. I hope that helps.”

Thanks for reading everyone and thanks for the feedback. It seems that BIG lettering really is a BIG hit with customization experts around the country!

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  1. Such a cute idea for the little tikes! Feel free to mention All That JAS on any of your blogs you would like 🙂

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